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Psychotherapy is a powerful tool for working with chronic emotional, psychological distress often triggered by what are sometimes referred to as the “everyday traumas of life”. Death, divorce, loss of work, substance abuse, difficult relations with partners, parents, children and colleagues, leave many paralyzed or in despair. Isolation is an all too common enemy.

As a psychotherapist I work with clients towards achieving a sense of strength and well-being even in the face of difficult circumstances. Together with my client I create a secure relationship which is supportive, non judgmental and strengthening. With empathy, dialogue, genuine presence and insight we navigate the road to well-being together.

Through the interpersonal process of the therapeutic relationship, a client’s sense of self is strengthened, which in turn leads to confidence and greater ease in the world. Within this secure relationship, isolation and despair can be alleviated and destructive patterns broken.

As a seasoned therapist, my work has been informed by a variety of modalities, ranging from traditional psychodynamic theory to Buddhist psychology. In the end, I meet my clients right where they are, right now, and bring my whole self to the table.

To contact me, please send an email with “Psychotherapy Services” in the subject field. I will be pleased to answer your questions and discuss the sliding fee schedule and determine time available.

My offices are located downtown, central Toronto.

“May all beings be free from suffering.”

—the Buddha